Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Counting Blessings

Just counting my blessings!

I've gone from:
9 Drs to 2
7 medications to 0
11 tests and stop counting

I never want to take for granted:
-that I can go to bed and know I won't be up sick until 2am
-eating with no pain
-not living in chronic pain
-rolling over in bed without my body screaming at me
-walking around. its the best feeling to just know I can get from a to b easily.
-not having to live by "we'll see what I can do today. I may have to miss this or that"
-being able to have a job.
-being able to concentrate

"You are the LORD
the Famous One, FAMOUS ONE!
Great is Your Name in ALL THE EARTH
The Heavens declare, You're Glorious, GLORIOUS!"

We take so much for granted. Life isn't always going to be easy, isn't always going to be confortable. But finding ways to have joy and contentment makes hard times SUCH a blessing! I mean they are so amazing. I always want to rely on Him, even now that I am healed of many of my diseases. Because frankly I miss having to rely on Him for every step I took, literally.



  1. Hello Milly, it brings me joy to read that you are in better health thanks to God who has worked powerfully in your life. It is in these sort of testimonies that our doubts are blown away!

    After reading all the entries of your blog, much interest concerning your life has stirred within me, and so i would like to ask if i could contact you via email.

    Feel free to say no :>


  2. I'm so glad to hear this! I'm sure it is God's plan in it all, He gets all the glory!
    I am having computer troubles of late, but I should be able to access this site is there a way for us to privately message on here?