Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Trials=More Blessings

Sick again but for His gain!
I've always had issues with dizziness and weakness but its gotten worse not just oh im thin and dizzy. for awhile there I was passing out everyday, its slowed to an average of once a week. But falling alot, just crashing to the floor most every day several times a day.
some headaches, not bad. Numbness, weakness, increased joint and muscle pain.
head ticks and leg and arm spasms, sometimes flipping me over. I've woken up at night several times not breathing with a racing heartbeat. Now I have weird heart rates during the day as well.

Just had an MRI and need a second overnight EEG to confirm no seizure activity.

Cardiologist soon, I haven't met her yet can't wait too, she is taking me seriously and had a nurse call me super concerned to see how I was and if I would be ok waiting till my appt. and that they could get me in ASAP if need be to whatever dr was open. so that was intersting

But I am having to rely on Him for every step again which is definitely a blessing, somehow playing volleyball.

It was neat in practice today I was super sick from the meds to control my ticks for the MRI, on top of having a really bad and sick week. But God gave me nearly a half our to really play my best and feel decent. it was so nice. I hardly noticed until coach went "are you feeling better?" lol

Just wanted to update everyone this was entirely informational and not entirely upbeat, those'll come later just wanted to post this.