Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love ya, Tomorrow! You're only a Day Away!

Leaving for CLEVELAND today! Going to Cleveland Clinic first thing tomorrow, apt at 8:15 Tilt Table Test after. So my post is going to be in Dysautonomia Awareness blue! It measures blood pressure and heart rate when lying down to standing. Since I have dysautonomia I already know my HR jumps a good 20-30 bpm when changing positions to upright. It'll be interesting to see more concisely what my BP does, and if I have vasovagal syncope (blood pressure drop when lain back down again). I am hoping to get a POTS diagnosis!!!

Here's my doc! and link to her bio/info page.

I am very hopeful but a bit nervous. Don't want to put all my eggs in one basket mentally. I know already that she's super sweet, kind, and takes her time to explain and answer questions. Things that are very important to me! I'm pretty spoiled on Dr. Awesome being that way-to the max-but I don't find it every day.

Speaking of her, I talked to her Monday and before saying hello she half sang out my name then announced "I have your number memorized! I dont have any of my other patients, though..." Cracked me up! I said I had hers memorized too, to which she replied with a chuckle that she was sure I did. hahahhahahah!

We're leaving in an hour or so, Thanks for praying everyone! The outpouring of love and those prayers is so touching! XOXOXO Milly

PS: I met a new friend with dysautonomia the other day! yay! I love these blessings, praise God!