Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Night

I glance out the window and see a beautiful crescent moon hanging from the trembling branches of the maple tree. its the shape of the marking on apryl's forehead, and it makes me feel peaceful to see it up in the sky with beautiful shades of blue behind it.

Today I started PT again, and it was strange to wake up before the sun to get ready to leave. I had that all to familiar routine down pat, getting up around six and being at the hospital at seven, hanging out eating breakfast in the empty cafeteria and with Beth until nine.

That was so so hard, to sit all day on hard waiting room chairs between sessions from 9-4, then wait 30-45 min in the lobby for dad to get out of work and ride the bus back to our parked truck waiting to take us home. Then dinner, and a few more hours of therapy.

I still can't believe I did that, it was incredibly taxing and overwhelming and stressful. All because my insurance didn't want to cover what I needed. But you know, I would never have become such dear friends with Beth had that all not happened, nor met a half dozen ppl I considered to be some of my best friends!

pretty crazy. those days will always be on my heart, and remind me that I CAN DO THIS.

Been thinking about it all a lot lately, RND therapy I mean, esp not that this is the second time I'm having to relearn consistant walking, only this time two months in PT won't do the trick.

It went well, they were super understanding of how I couldn't overdue and how each day is very different. We did epley maneuvers for vertigo and I think it helped!

my bestie, my kindred spirit, is coming friday hopefully to see secretariat and spend some time with me. <3 *wordless happy sighs*

going to copy this into my caringbridge now, then go lie down on the couch!

fearlessly in HIM,