Friday, September 3, 2010

Updates and Such

Well was in ER yesterday.
Lately I've been feeling claustrophobic with it all: to the max. It's hard to explain but I'd covet your prayers, God will understand what you mean!

Anywho I've been missing the newells like crazy ever since they left, I just want to see them!

I'm still writing away, took a bit of a break this week though.

Franciney came over Monday! We watched the equestrian olympics from 08 and Misty!
Of course we ate lotsa ice cream and just were together, always a special time!

Not much else really, please pray though! i need some peace.


  1. I'm sorry you were in the ER again, prayers are def. with you dear one! I'm happy you were able to see your friend this week! the thought or mention of her always seems to put a smile on your face or your heart, God gave you a good one :-) ( friend and heart!) love you!

  2. seeing my Kindred Spirit is a top notch way to cheer me up! Love you! thanks so much!