Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just feeling cruddy today! Last night I realized once again that sometimes I just take others' sorrows so much to heart, with those that I care so so deeply about anyway.

And right now I feel like my own heartaches are enough to be stressful. I did talk to Dr. Awesome today, she always makes me feel so supported but then I just feel like crying because I know how much she cares and is trying to work things out for me, and that not much is getting better.

The new med she and my cardiologist started me on, a beta blocker called metoprolol, is helping though. I'm really crashing right now because I over did it past five days, but it's really helped with my palps. The trick is to not letting it drop my BP too low.

Anyway, I am at that super annoying point where I am not quite ER material but feeling just miserable enough that I can't do anything. I want it to go one way or the other! particularly up =]

I. Miss. APRYL! I need to ride her really ride before I go stir crazy!

I guess feeling down comes with the territory. Balance...Gotta Balance!


  1. I so wish i could be there to help get you out of your dumps!!!
    I know its tough that your taking others sorrows to heart... but you heave a heart like our awesome God, and there is a reason! Love you!

  2. Awhhhh Cassie! I love you! Thanks soooooo much!
    You're one to talk ;) <333