Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not Again!!

Apparently I didn't knock on wood when I said it had been eleven whole days since my last day in the hospital. haha just kidding. I ended up in the ER two days ago, and everyone started doubting my sanity in Dr. Awesome's department, hinting that I was playing it up etc. But she took one more look at everything and noted my increasing headaches, full out migraines at this point, and told me, full of emotion, "your symptoms are real. I believe you. I get stressed out just thinking about what you go through from day to day, and you are living it." AWH!!! I love and appreciate her so so much.

My Card. doc called the same day, and was sweet as ever even though he's so busy. We're going to up my metoprolol in two weeks if I feel that it's still helping. And I can get off my sertraline soon, too.

Anyway, I've been writing ALL afternoon and evening! I have 145 double spaced pages on Word so far, and about 23 Chapters plus some extra one pagers. Some of those chapters will either need to be added onto or elongated a little but most of them are good. I updated my table of contents, doubling it, and counted up my pages today which is the first time since 5/22/10, just two months after I started. And here three months later I've doubled it. It's like WOW God, you're really flowing this stuff out because it sure ain't me!

Very excited.

Thank you Lord! You have blessed me with so much, the people in my life are beyond incredible. Thanks for reminding me today to look to you and for giving me intense peace in the ER on Thursday, even when I technically should have been more stressed than ever. I love you! In Jesus' name, Amen.

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